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I was at the Epilepsy Foundation Educational Conference last Saturday, July 19, 2014 held at the Joan Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice, University of San Diego when I met another attendee who was taking care of his brother. While exchanging pleasantries and comparing notes with her, we talked about our search for caregivers. She told me that she advertises at The Filipino Press to find caregivers for his brother. I was totally taken by surprise that she and her husband regularly reads and picks up a copy of the weekly newspaper even though they are not of Filipino origin.


This is not the only time this has happened to me. Sometime, early 2000, I was again attending a class at San Diego State Extension when I was told in class by the teacher to go see Susan Delos Santos if I am interested in marketing to the Filipino community. She further informs that Susan Delos Santos is the marketing expert with regards to the Filipino community in San Diego.


I am so proud that through The Filipino Press, especially through the efforts of Susan Delos Santos, we are reaching out across different ethnic communities in San Diego. Susan Delos Santos had definitely built a bridge and a service to the Filipino community that all of us in the Filipino community are receiving immeasurable benefits.



Susan, the owner of The Filipino Press, is a great person to know if you are targeting the ethnic population of San Diego for your products and services. Susan is dedicated in helping her clients get connected and takes passion in their success.
LW, 12/28/13

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